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Forthcoming. Everything To Everyone? Not When You Are Internally Divivded. (with Nick Lin). Party Politics.
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Forthcoming. The Wisdom of Crowds Design for Sensitive Survey Questions. (with Thomas Gschwend and Sebastian Juhl). Electoral Studies.
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2018. Die "Sonntagsfrage", soziale Erwünschtheit und die AfD: Wie alternative Messmethoden der Politikwissenschaft weiterhelfen können. (with Thomas Gschwend and Sebastian Juhl). Politische Vierteljahresschrift.
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2018. Governator vs. Hunter and Aggregator: A simulation of party competition with vote-seeking and office-seeking rules. (with Gijs Schumacher). PLOS ONE.
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2017. Why Dominant Governing Parties Are Cross-Nationally Influential. (with Tobias Böhmelt, Lawrence Ezorw, Petra Schleiter, and Hugh Ward). International Studies Quarterly. 61(4):749-759

2017. Intra-Party Democracy and Responsiveness to Rival Parties' Policies. (with Lawrence Ezrow, Hugh Ward, and Tobias Böhmelt). Social Science Quarterly 98(3):1026-1044.

2016. Party Policy Diffusion. (with Lawrence Ezrow, Hugh Ward, and Tobias Böhmelt). American Political Science Review 110(2):397-410.

2012. Intra-Party Democracy and Party Responsiveness. West European Politics 35(6):1295-1319.
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Current Projects

Book manuscript: Competition in Two Arenas. How Intra-Party Politics Distorts the Representation of Citizen Preferences in Modern Democracies.

Bühne frei: Wie Parteitage dieWahrnehmung von Parteien beeinflussen (with Sebastian Juhl).

Germans' Attitudes toward Dexit: Evidence from a survey experiment on different arguments in favor and against Dexit (with Mariyana Angelova, Moritz Osnabrügge, Sander Renes, and Nikoletta Yordanova).

Follow the (Foreign) Leader? Why Copying Foreign Incumbents is an Effective Electoral Strategy. (with Tobias Böhmelt and Lawrence Ezrow; under review).

Intra-Party Democracy and Policy Proximity to the Median Voter.

Staying Alive: A Framework of Inter-Party and Intra-Party Threats to Prime Ministerial Survival. (under review).

The Fate of Prime Ministers in a Period of War. (with Belen Gonzalez).

How Wise Are Crowds? On Determining the Limits of Citizen Forecasting. (with Andreas Murr and Michael Lewis-Beck).


Minderheitsregierungen haben nichts mit Instabilität zu tun (Interview). Krautreporter 4 December 2017.

Minderheitsregierungen sind besser als ihr Ruf (with Thomas Gschwend). Spiegel Online 23 November 2017.

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